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Today is 5 years since Donna's suicide.

People like Donna now have the ability to protect themselves from impulsive gun purchases in Washington, Utah and Virginia. Through Donna's Law, many people are actively preventing themselves from an impulsive gun purchase through voluntary prohibition. It is truly remarkable the work we have accomplished and it is because of YOU. I hope you will continue to share Donna's story, contact your representatives and spread the word of this groundbreaking new tool for suicide prevention. Your continued support is crucial as we expand wider and higher through our nation's legislatures. 

Big Hugs!


Katrina Brees

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CBS Sunday Morning

This CBS segment has opened the doors to new Donna's Law bills being sponsored across the country and helped our momentum soar.

 Watch Here










The Hill

Fred Vars explores the impact of gun suicide on veterans and the potential for Donna's Law to protect our heroes from preventable tragedy. 

Read Here




Huffington Post 

Katrina Brees shares the struggle to protect her mother, Donna, from  impulsive gun suicide and how she  learned to make laws. 

Read Here

Washington Post

Bryan Barks' editorial on her journey with bipolar disorder and the role of Donna's Law to help people like her survive episodes of suicidality. 

Read Here

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