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Congresspeople Jayapal & Curtis discuss Donna's Law for Firearm Suicide Prevention

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25 Σεπ 2022

Our situation was with a family member suffering from alcoholic encephalopathy. He already had guns in his possession. The brain disorder caused paranoia and he threatened to kill my husband (his brother.) We found out there is basically nothing that can be done in our state(TN). Active mental illness should override any “rights”. We were able to relocate the guns while he was in icu. Thankfully he did not purchase anymore. Unfortunately the alcoholism killed him anyway but for months I feared for our lives.

Good luck in your endeavor.

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Katrina Brees
Katrina Brees
13 Μαρ 2023
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Thank you! Im sorry about your loss as well. My mother also suffered with alcoholism and I suspect it contributed to the tragic outcome.

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