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Podcast: This Is Actually Happening: Episode 278: What if you couldn't keep her safe?

Katrina Brees tells her story.

In the wake of her uncle’s untimely death, a woman bears the brunt of her mother’s long mental health decline, struggling to keep her safe from herself, and in the wake of tragedy, finds a way to help thousands of others like her.

Listen on Amazon Prime ad free at't-keep-her-safe

Producers: Whit Missildine, Sara Marinelli, Andrew Waits Content/Trigger Warnings: suicidal ideation, suicide attempt, death, suicide, gun violence, mental illness, explicit language Social Media: Instagram: @actuallyhappening Twitter: @TIAHPodcast Website: Support the Show: Support The Show on Patreon Wondery Plus: All episodes of the show prior to episode #130 are now part of the Wondery Plus premium service. To access the full catalog of episodes, and get all episodes ad free, sign up for Wondery Plus at Shop at the Store: The This Is Actually Happening online store is now officially open. Follow this link: to access branded t-shirts, posters, stickers and more from the shop. Transcripts: Full transcripts of each episode are now available on the website,

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