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It Takes Us: Stories of Gun Violence Across America

Photographer Joe Quint visits New Orleans to tell Donna's story

New York based photographer, Joe Quint is on a mission to tell America's story. One gun violence victim at a time. He recently visited with Katrina Brees and spent a day photographing the special places where she connected to her mother. To Katrina's surprise, this was not Joe's first time photographing a gun violence victim at the Tree of Life.

Photograph by Joe Quint at the Tree of Life in New Orleans' Audubon Park.

Katrina writes...

"We all took our lives to the tree before my mother took her life by the tree. We had so many experiences here. Important life moments. Weddings, funerals, suicides happened here. This is where our community connects."

Photograph by Joe Quint at the Audubon Park in New Orleans.

"Driving the road she drove to the tree breaks my heart. I imagine her going so slowly over each speed bump, careful not to hurt her car or jolt her body. I imagine her stopping at the train tracks. Carefully looking to make sure it was safe to cross. She was such a careful driver. I imagine the whistle on her keychain swinging in case she needed protection. And then for her to shoot herself just past here..."

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